Where To Go Night Fishing?
Night fishing is one of many popular Maldives attractions as the nation consists of over 26 double chained atolls and is home to a diverse body of marine life. Most resorts in the Maldives such as Adaaran Resorts would help their guests book night fishing expeditions from reputed expedition providers.

Which Technique Do They Use?
A common technique used for night fishing expeditions is the traditional Maldivian hand line method. This involves a large spool, a weighted fishing line and raw fish as bait. The line is dropped into the water close to the coral where most of the fish are likely to be. If a fish takes the bait, the crew would send the fish to the hotel kitchen so guests can enjoy the fruits of their labour for their next meal.

When Is The Best Time To Go?
While there is no off-season for night fishing, clear skies are a must for an enjoyable night fishing expedition.

What Fish Can Be Caught?
The reef fish that are likely to be caught on a night fishing expedition are generally snapper, jack fish, grouper and mackerel species. Larger species such as trevally may also take the bait. However, it must be noted that luck plays a large role in any fishing expedition. At the very least, guests would get an unforgettable experience.


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