Sur, the capital city of the Region of Ash Sharqiyah in west Oman, is an important seaport of Oman. Throughout history this city has been known as an important destination along sea-routes and continues to do so today as well. The city is also known for its ship building, and is currently a major builder of dhows. It also has many tourist attractions, including renowned restaurants, wadis and beaches.

Oman is home to a large number of turtles who head to the waters of Oman on their annual migration from the Arabian Gulf. Records indicate that turtles have been visiting the shores of Oman for almost 7,000 years, and 5 of the 7 varieties of marine turtles can be found in Oman. Therefore Oman is an ideal place for anyone who wishes to witness these wonderful creatures.

The five species of the turtles found in Oman can be seen in different places of Oman. The endangered and rare Green Turtle can be found on almost all the beaches of Oman, but are most notably in Ras Al Hadd, the Masirah Island and the Ad Daymaniyat Islands. The Hawksbill Turtle can also be found on the Ad Daymaniyat Islands. The Loggerhead Turtle and the Olive Ridley Turtle can be seen on the seashore of Dofar and on the Masirah Islands. And finally the Leatherback Turtle, who does not lay their eggs on the shores, can be found only in the waters of Oman. One of the most popular tourist activities carried out in the coastal areas of Oman is Turtle Watching Tours, where professionals take tourists to witness turtle activity at night, where the turtles come ashore and, with immense effort, dig holes in the sand to lay eggs. It is considered to be a truly amazing experience to watch adult turtles dig holes with such care so that their eggs will be protected from predators. Thus, if you are interested in observing the behavior of these unique creatures then do visit the shores of Oman.

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