Featuring animal exhibits, rides, shows and a separate play section for kids, Ocean Park Hong Kong is a lovely theme park to visit whether it’s by yourself or with family! Interested in learning more about Ocean Park Hong Kong?

© Ralf Roletschek Ralf Roletschek creator QS:P170,Q15080600 , 13-08-08-hongkong-by-RalfR-Panorama2, CC BY 3.0

1). Grand Aquarium
A beautiful structure containing over 5000 fish across 400 species, explore the entire area by making your way through the tunnels. When visiting after sundown, check out Symbio which is a light-based water show happening at the venue.

2). Whisker’s Harbour
A play area designated for younger children with bouncy houses, a safe climbing wall, fun rides and carnival activities! There is are also animal shows including a sea lion show at the theatre venue. If you’re looking for Hong Kong luxury hotels to stay in, there are lots to pick from like The Murray Hong Kong for example.

3). Tuxedos
Enjoy an entertaining meal with over 70 penguins frolicking in the water around you! It’s located next to the penguin exhibit so be prepared for chilly weather inside and wear a jacket!

4). Raging River
A log ride that is located at the end of the park with an exciting drop that will have you holding on! Be warned and visit this ride without any possessions as they will all get wet!