The glorious Baba Nyonya Mansion, Peranakan Mansion is located at 29th Church Street, Georgetown. It gives you a direct insight to the historical Peranakan Culture. It’s an amazing piece of structure. One could just stare at its beauty for a longtime. The buildings with these kinds of style and architecture are rare to be found that in fact it’s almost in exile. It was built back in the 19th century. It is now a world famous museum with over 1000 pieces of antiques. This massive ancient structure has an eccentric mix of English tiles, Scottish ironworks and European art and furniture and also Chinese carved wood panels. This handsome mansion was built by Kapitan Cina Chung Kang Kwee. This person has held many important gatherings in this location.

It’s the interior design which gives it the lavishing grandeur. The main staircase is a great attraction with local Merbau and Cengal wood for steps and balusters of cast iron for handrails. The stairway signifies a European influence, rather a French style known as Fleur De Lis on the ironwork. The inner courtyard is floored with Victorian cast ironworks in both upper and lower floors.

These elegant people had a unique pattern of life with a mix of local Malays and Colonial British. In this museum one would see the costumes and accessories of yester years being displayed. Crockery and cutlery, delicate china which reminds a visitor of a long lost era can be seen at the Penang Peranakan Mansion. The exhibits in this museum include many that are handed down through the families of Baba and Nyonya. This mansion was restored successfully and rebuilt magnificently since it has become a popular tourist attraction in Georgetown. It’s simply a wonderful and exquisite place of visit to anyone. The ancient elegant look that is still within it gives it much value and importance.
Every tourist who visits Penang must see this ancient mansion with all the valuable artifacts. With the British and French panache embedded in their lifestyle, it makes one reflect on the elegant extravagant lifestyles the people in that mansion have lived. While on your visit to this grand mansion you can choose Copthorne Orchid Hotel Penang, if you are in search of a Tanjung Bungah Hotel which is a great Penang Hotel for the wonderful amenities it has on offer.