Bali, Indonesia is known the world over as the land of stunning beaches. Water sports, nightlife and much of tourism revolves around the beaches of Thailand’s most popular province. However, it is also known for its culture, cuisine, deep religious roots, top of the range spa and wellness facilities and luxury villas. Bali has plenty more to offer those who want something other than a beach holiday experience.

Puri Agung Kerambitan is a royal palace that was built in the 13th century in the village of Kerambitan. The original property, which is a ten minute drive from Alila Villas Soori, spanned three hundred hectares and was the residence of the Kerambitan Royal Family, who enjoyed an affluent lifestyle. The Land Reform Law of 1961 stripped them of all but four hectares. Given the challenges of maintaining a property even of that size in the present day, King Anak Agung Ngurah Oka Silagunadha made a decision to open sections of the buildings up for public events.

The complex holds two palaces, Puri Gede and Puri Anyar. They are divided up into seven sections of which only one ‘Palemahan’ is used as the official royal residence. Tourist events, dinner parties, dance performances and traditional weddings are often held in the other six areas. The first section, ‘Cangkem Kodok’, is an open-air preparation area in the front of the Puri. ‘Ancak Saji’, the second, is a reception venue surrounded by gardens where traditional welcome entertainment takes place before moving on to ‘Jabe Tandeg’, the third section. The fourth area, ‘Tandakan’, is a hall designed according to the classic Balinese Wantilan style for holding religious and traditional ceremonies. The Puri’s oldest structure, ‘Saren Agung’, houses the processions of the Puri Family, while the sixth area is reserved for conducting religious rituals.

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