The Qingdao International Marina & Olympic Sailing Centre is an interesting creation by the sea that connects the May 4th Square with the DongHai West Rd. It is a sailing marina that is located precisely at what was once the Beihai dockyard at FuShan Bay. The centre was constructed for the 2008 Olympic Games and since then has been popularly known as being one of the key architectural feats of Beijing. The sailing centre even today echoes the ambience of the many games it has hosted. The Paralympic Games of 2008 really put the location on the map as well.

The centre consists of both land and water areas that have been constructed to perfection. The land area covers 45 hectares and features an array of different buildings that serve for both educational and administrative purposes. The Athletes Village, Logistic Supply Centre, Sub Village, Marina Centre, Yacht Club, Sea Side Marina, scenic parks and a Conference Centre are among the many facilities found in the land area.

Offshore there are a couple of wharfs and a few sea walls that are used mainly in the many sailing competitions that it hosts. Since construction began in the year 2004, the Sailing Centre became a promising venue. Having earned popularity after the Olympics and Paralymics, it was also used to host the Volvo Ocean Race and several other World Yacht Race events.

Just a quiet walk around the shores within the centre is a tranquil experience. A sophisticated design amidst a laidback setting makes the perfect combination to appreciate natural beauty as well as humankind’s profound skill. With all the many leisure activities this centre has in store, tourists find this a very interesting destination in Qingdao. There are several places to visit in the city that it demands a good deal of time from your holiday. For many Copthorne Hotel Qingdao is a favourite choice when it comes to picking out a top notch Qingdao hotel. This well placed hotel in Qingdao is known for its impeccable standards in both comfort and delectable cuisines. Even the services provided are on par with the best in the world and let you enjoy a truly unforgettable holiday.

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