Queensland, Australia and its capital Brisbane are acknowledged ‘Dream Holiday Destinations ‘ with beautiful coastlines, the Brisbane River Front, Redcliffe Peninsula as well as many other scenic holiday locations, historical and cultural sites including the Queensland Museum, water sports and other forms of entertainments.. For those wanting to enjoy Queensland and Brisbane, accommodation and transport facilities are plentiful. Ranking foremost among hotels in Brisbane CBD is the Brisbane River fronted Oaks Casino Towers with its star rated serviced accommodation and leisure facilities.

The Queensland Museum is the State Museum of Queensland and currently operates four campuses in South Brisbane, Ipswich,Towoomba, and Townsville. Established on 20 January 1862 by the Queensland Theosophical Society, the Museum after moving from location to location was finally housed in South Brisbane adjacent to the Queensland Art Gallery. Also in close proximity to the Museum are the State Library of Queensland, the Gallery of Modern Art and the Queensland Performing Arts Center. In addition to permanent exhibits, travelling exhibitions from other parts of Australia and the world over can be viewed periodically at the Museum.

The Museum links Queensland’s incredible prehistoric past and history by showcasing them today in addition to a wide spectrum of other subjects.

‘Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous (27 March 2015 – 05 October 2015) is an animatronic reconstruction of the most extraordinary dinosaurs to have inhabited Planet Earth and a showcasing of life on Earth as it was 145 million years ago.The fearsome T.Rex and Queensland’s own Muttaburrasaurus are among twenty life sized Dinosaur models.

Freewheeling: Cycling in Australia is a touring exhibition from the National Museum of Australia and showcases the cycling culture of Austaralia and how it has impacted on the social, economic and cultural life of Australia. Different types of bicycles are among the items exhibited. The exhibition commenced on the 29 November 2014 and will run till 8 June 2015.

The Museum also has world class research facilities for research on biodiversity, geosciences, cultural environments etc.
The Science Center provides hands on, interactive experiences for both adult and kids.

The other campuses of the Museum too have many informative and instructive exhibits and experiences.

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