Established in late 1959, ideally located in the midpoint of Zigong City, Sichuan Province, the Zigong Salt Museum is one of a kind to the whole of China. The museum is worth its visit for all those in Chengdu for it chronicles the evolution of salt mining in this city 2000 years ago. With an extraordinary collection of 1300 exhibits, it has in its possession an entire set of 500 drilling tools which appears to be extraordinarily sophisticated for its time.  The 20, 000 annual visitors to the museum who are permitted to operate most of the devices never fail to be impressed by the genius engineering this museum depicts in the salt mining industry. Visitors from abroad can find amiable lodging in a Hotel in Chengdu. Millennium Chengdu is a highly recommended 5 star Chengdu Hotel that promises you a luxurious stay in this classy urban district.