The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is the largest in China and has a great number of different species. In fact it can be said that the aquarium captures all the major oceans of the world. With the world’s longest underwater tunnel that stretches across 120 meters the museum also has its own celebrity; Bruce. An Oranda goldfish names after the legendary movie super star Bruce Lee, this specimen measures 435mm.
Opened in 2002 and spanning across 221,000 sq. ft. over 1 million visitors come to this aquarium to have a look at the 450 species. Costing over USD 55 million, no expense has been spared in making it one of the world’s greatest aquariums.

Your journey of exploration begins in China starting with the Yangtze River. Then head over to the mysterious Amazon River of South America. The flow continues to Australia where you will dive in to swamps and billabongs. Next stop is Africa, the rainforests of Southeast Asia and then finally the freezing cold Antarctic region.

The Chinese zone has exhibits such as Chinese sturgeon, Yangtze alligator, Chinese giant salamander and Chinese suckerfish. In contrast the Amazon River is full of unique creatures including some of the world’s largest aquatic animals. Competing strongly for endemic species is Australia with over a 100 different kind of freshwater fish that won’t be found elsewhere in the world.
With famed water bodies such as Nile River, Congo River, Lake Malawi and many others Africa has some of the longest surviving species. While the Southeast Asia zone has strong diversity the cold zone has one tank that is home to spotted seals. Polar zone has the ever popular penguins, the sea and shore area a host of marine creatures and the deep ocean zone that takes you to depths of the sea that you would never otherwise visit.

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