Ever wanted to learn of a lion’s lifestyle? Or perhaps you would want to lock eyes with a cheetah? One would be able to do all this and more at the enticing and intriguing Shenzhen Safari Park which is located close to Somerset Garden City Shenzhen. With a variety of Shenzhen serviced apartments available to the modern day traveller, one will enjoy great ease in scheduling a trip to the park. Stay at a serviced apartment Shenzhen of this nature which is found near the Shenzhen Safari Park.

With facilities such as watching un-caged animals strolling through its premises and examining the largest swan lake in all of China, animal lovers are surely in for the time of their lives. Spread out over 120 hectares, the premises stays true to its promise of affording its visitors the most thrilling of safari experiences. Take a tour of the of the section titled ‘Adventurous Beasts’ and see for yourself as to how members of the Big Cat Family live in an environment that represents their natural habitat back in the forests. From South China tigers, lions, wolves and cheetahs, the view just keeps getting bigger and better at the Shenzhen Safari Park. Pandas who are considered to be the national treasures of the country call the park home while flamingos, swans, giraffes, Asian elephants can also be seen as part of your tour. A major highlight of the park is its collection of animal performances which are held at its halls. Watch as the pageantry unfolds right before eyes, with even a few pigeons adding to the colour and festivity.

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