Singapore is the sort of place travelers fall in love with once they reach its warm and inviting shores. If you’re not impressed by the sheer number of attractions across the city you will surely be mesmerized at the variety of shopping and dining options available to those who find some time do a bit more than sightseeing. Those who wish to dive into the past of this captivating island nation in Asia should definitely visit the National Museum of Singapore which has a vast collection of exhibits related to a number of topics including local culture and art. The Malay Heritage Museum too deserves a visit as it houses some of the finest collections of artifacts related to Malay culture. The Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research is a great place to learn about the varieties of wild animals that inhabit the island and interesting facts about where they can be spotted.

The Singapore Discovery Centre is one of the most interesting places to visit as it features an intriguing variety of exhibits showcasing the rich history of the country, the most recent developments made and the direction in which the country and its technology are headed. This fascinating attraction was established in 1996 as a place which was to help spark local minds to innovate and challenge themselves as they and the country were faced with new obstacles. This facility was first built as a place which would house exhibits related to the history of the Singapore Armed Forces.

The Crossfire Paintball Arena at the Singapore Discovery Centre is a favourite among locals where visitors can get a taste of armed combat minus the fatal consequences. Those who wish to experience the best in 4D entertainment should not miss the chance of taking a ride on the Cosmic Coaster at the XD Theatre. This adrenaline pumping journey through space is sure to be a thrilling experience that you will not forget in a hurry. A number of permanent exhibits can also be found at this venue such as the Gateway, So Singapore, the Spectacle, Portals, 24/7, Singapore Way, On location Reporter, Build It and 3-2-1 Xplore.

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