The Middle East is a region that is cultural and historically rich. The Arabian countries are a magnet for tourists as they boast a proud heritage. Oman is no exception to this. There are people visiting the country for varying reasons and activities and accommodation options designed specifically to target the various groups. There are hotels that specialize in accommodation for families, couples as well as business hotels.Oman also has various landmarks and sites to attract tourists. One such place is the Sohar Fort Museum. As any fort museum, this too is located on the seaside, another reason for tourists to pay a visit here. There are various hotels around the area which make it easier for tourists to explore the surrounding attractions. A highly recommended option in the close proximity to Sohar Fort Museum is Al Wadi Sohar, as this renowned business hotel organizes excursions to the fort as part of their facilities.

The museum is a great way to break free from a busy work schedule. The museum houses various seafaring equipment as well as medieval weapons. The museum was set up in the 18th century. There is also significant importance paid to the copper trade in Oman.

The city of Sohar itself is of great significance as the adventurous sailor Sinbad was born here. The building itself is believed to have been constructed in the 4th century however after various modifications and renovations the building that stands today is believed to belong to the 16th century. The museum is a great place to learn about the history of one of Oman’s interesting cities.

There are also various other things to do around Sohar such as a visit to beaches and parks and there are also camel races that take place here.

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