Skaters off all ages and abilities rejoice when their travels bring them London, as the Somerset House Ice Rink provides an ornate winter stage on which one can carve the ice with passion and finesse. The grand courtyard of the Somerset House has been the highlight of the city during many winter seasons, providing one of the most extraordinary skating experiences one could dream of. Come Christmas and New Year, this 900-metre square ice rink transforms into one of the most spectacular places to show off one’s best skating moves. A truly remarkable spectacle within the city of London, this beautifully constructed building and its surroundings create leave a magnificent lasting impression in any visitor’s imagination.

Conserved and developed by the Somerset House Trust that saw its genesis in the year 1997, the Edmond J. Safra Fountain Court, the South building and the River Terrace have been the main focus of the refurbishment activities undertaken thus far. The courtyard has been in high demand for many outdoor performances and concerts during the festive summer season, and it enjoys a seamless transformation into the wintry backdrop of the Somerset Ice Rink when the season of chills sweeps the landscape.

The River Terrace was re-opened for the public in the year 2000 after more than 100 years and now features a deli, a bar and a restaurant. Displays relating to the intriguing history of the site could also be found including the protector Somerset himself. With the new access points, one through the pedestrian ramp, another through the Great Arch and the existing Strand entrance, the Somerset House Ice Rink facilitates better circulation and control of crowds.

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