Australia is world famous for its abundance of pristine beaches and sunny skies, and Cable Beach in the west coast city of Broome is a perfect example of these celebrated beaches. Located in western Australia’s Kimberley region, Broome has picked up over the years as an unique outback tourist destination, with several hotels in Broome, like the Oaks Broome that are catering to guests seeking sun-kissed beaches, crystal clear waters and outback surroundings.

Cable beach, which lies just 6km west of Broome and is easily accessible by car or public transport, offers a stunning 22 km of unspoiled, white sandy beach for the ultimate west coast vacation. The secluded beach gets its name from the telegraph cable that was laid between Broome and Java in 1889, which connected the North West coast of Australia to the world. While the area has certainly risen in popularity, it’s still possible to walk along the shoreline and find a secluded spot of your own to enjoy the tranquil setting.

There are several hotels and resorts along the beach that offer exciting activities such as taking a swim through the turquoise waters, cruising along the coast in a boat or sipping on drinks near the beach and watching the sunset over the Indian ocean. A must try activity is taking in the beauty of this rugged and beautiful tropical landscape whilst riding along on a camel train. Riding on a camel train with clear blue water on one side and the mesmerizing Red Dessert on the other is an unforgettable experience that anyone can try and should.

There are dozens of flights from all the main cities that connect to west Australia and Broome; and the best time to visit cable beach is between April to October, when the weather is dry and calm.

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