Being the vast expansion of the land that it is, China has endless attractions for the tourists ranging from temples, cultural sites, historic monuments, parks, gardens, wild life, rivers, mountains, scenery, cuisine, culture and history and many more for the hundreds of thousands of visitors who throng to this land every year and also for the millions of local travellers who are keen to see more of their own country.

The Stele Forest is one of the many such attractions that draws visitors from all parts of the country and from across the globe. It is said that the museum was founded in 1944 and prior to that there had been a Confucius Temple, which is believed to have been built in as early as the 11th century. This impressive structure functioned as the main museum in the Shaanxi province during the height of its grandeur.

The origins of this popular attraction dates back several centuries to the time of the Tang Dynasty, when two different groups of steles were carved and displayed at the temple of Confucius in the city of Chang’an. Later on, when a rebel army invaded and subsequently sacked Chang’an, the two stele were shifted to the interior part of the city, and were moved again in 962 to the rebuilt Confucius temple. Ever since then, the collection has been expanding with generous donations from philanthropists as well as those who have had personal collections. However, over the years, the name of the setting was changed to the Forest of Stone Steles, on account of the large collection of steles and other rock and stone works housed here.
There are seven different exhibition halls located at the premises, and each has a unique theme ranging from calligraphy to paintings and even historical records. Visitors will delight in browsing through a collection of more than 3000 items that will invite much awe and inspiration.

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