The Tab Tim Thong Temple Pranburi is located on a hilltop on the side of the Pranburi river. People fondly refer to the mountain as the shrine of the goddess of Tam Tim Thong . There is a statue of Tab tim Thong enshrined within this sacred place of worship. Apart from its significance it is also a perfect place to enjoy some of the most breath taking views of Hua Hin.

Eventhough a village Hua Hin , boasts of many great accommodation choices. One such example among the Pranburi resorts is the Sheraton Hua Hin Pranburi Villas. Being a resort by the beach it is most stylishly designed villas are a perfect place to stay while at Hua Hin.

The myth about the temple is that there was a man who came from China to Thailand approximately two hundred years ago. Having found two jars full of ancient money when he arrived at the mountain near the Pranburi river, out of his gratitude he built a shrine for Tab TimThong.

The beautiful surroundings of the shrine also become significant as a stroll up the hill for a further thirty minutes will give anyone a chance to enjoy panoramic views of the villages and the iconic Pranburi river that runs at the foot.

Other places of interest around the area are the Golden Temple , and another interesting activity is the boat tours done around a small fishing village. There is also the Black Mountain water park to keep visitors of all age groups busy. The Phraya Nakorn Cave could also be a great place to pay a visit . the Pranburi old market walking street can give the visitor a different shopping experience from the ordinary.

The Hua Hin area is full of activities to engage in and places to see , among which the Tab Tim Thong temple is one to be not missed.

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