Taman Prasasti Museum 

Jakarta is a city saturated with a pronounced Dutch influence, owing to its colonization by the European nation during its long history, and the Taman Prasasti Museum provides insight into the unique personages of the colonial and post-colonial era in the form of some impressive…


Jakarta Kota Station 

The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, is a lively landmark on the archipelago’s landscape with a rich offering of culture and history that urges further exploration. The city’s fascinating sights can be best absorbed from a quality Jakarta hotel that offers a central location within easy reach of…

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Puppet Museum 

The Puppet Museum in Jakarta, which is also called the Wayang Museum, is a museum that focuses on traditional Javanese puppetry. It is located near Fatahillah Square and is a terrific place to visit, especially if one is interested in soaking up the local culture….


Waterbom Jakarta 

A nicely set up park in the heart of Jakarta, The Waterborn Park guarantees a fun and exciting day for the whole family. Although entry is priced high, it is quite reasonable when you take into account all that awaits you at the park. If…



Indonesia has a wide array of attractions for the tourists, irrespective of whether their families travelling with young children, newly married couples on their honeymoon, business executives on a busy schedule, holiday makers or those bitten by the travel bug. Hence there are places of…


Ragunan Zoo Jakarta 

Jakarta, Indonesia is home to a dazzling array of culture and excitement, complete with a unique brand of local wildlife – not just the kind found in the nightclubs either! Tourists visiting this delightful city will want to check into a quality Jakarta hotel that promises to…


Fine Art and Ceramic Museum 

A great way to experience a country’s cultural heritage is by viewing its traditional art works and when in Jakarta a visit to the Fine Art and Ceramic Museum will help you do just that. This well known museum can be found near Fatahillah Square…