Crossing the provinces of Zhejiang and Jiangsu in the southern part of the Yangtza River delta, is the Taihu or better known as Tai Lake. With a surface area of 2,250 square kilometers the Tai Lake is the third largest freshwater lake in China after Lake Dongting and Lake Poyang. The 48 islets and peninsulas along the lake with 72 peaks as a stunning backdrop to the tranquil waters, the lake is a panorama of astounding natural beauty and an ideal location to relax and unwind at one of the most beautiful and peaceful locations of China.

Based on the fossils and rock formations, it is believed that the circular nature of Lake Tai was caused by a meteor impact dating as far back as probably 70 million years ago. The growing deltas were believed to have separated the lake from the sea eventually making it a fresh water lake. Close to 90 islands both big and small are scattered along the length and breadth of the lake with a few housing parks and scenic locations and vantage points from which to view the lake. The view from atop Dragon Light Pagoda at Xihui Park west of Wuxi is unmatched by any other. The ancient poet Su Shi dramatized the lake from Longshan or Mt. Long which also offers a magnificent panoramic view. Turtle Head Isle is another popular haunt among tourists. Shaped in the form of a head of a turtle looking out of the water, with the gentle breeze and the sounds of lapping water with a panoramic view of the lake, it is the ideal place to spend a quiet evening. A Ferris wheel of 115 meters on the shorelines provides a bird’s eye view of the lake and city beyond.

Dramatic limestone formations along the lake are famed as decorating material of traditional Chinese gardens. The lake is bountiful in fish and is a major source of income to the local folk. Make sure to taste a delicious local cuisine of white shrimp, whitefish and whitebait. There are also ceramic production locations as well as pottery making found along the banks.

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