What’s more delighting than a day at a gorgeous garden on a clear sunny day? The Butterfly Garden and Insect World offers this and proves to be a perfect outdoor adventure for you and your family to enjoy.

Located in Sam Kong, at the northwest border of the city, this picturesque farm is Phuket attraction that is home to a number of butterfly species and insects.

The Butterfly Farm and Insectarium is an ideal getaway for relaxation and sightseeing. If you are an enthusiast of insects and the beauty they possess, this is the ideal recreational activity for you.

This Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World, is nestled graciously in a tranquil setting surrounded by trees, flowers, pathways and more. The Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World in operation since 1990 has provided visitors with a genuine and accomplished tour around the site according to many travellers that graced its tropical house.

While among natures best, you will come across a selection of over 40 different species of butterflies fluttering freely in the colourful garden. This authentic sanctuary covers about an acre of habitat for over 10,000 butterflies and its garden is covered under a large dome to prevent predators such as birds from entering. A portion of the garden is used as an artificial habitat for the insects that live under moist forest like atmospheres generated by a humidifier. This ambience provides the insect with perfect mating environments and extra life span.

At the park, you will not only have butterflies fluttering all around and landing on on your palms but you will also have a chance to learn about them and see the way a butterfly lives. With the parks official educational tour and breeding grounds, you can see live eggs, pupae and mating rituals.

Further to the butterfly sanctuary, the place dedicates a portion of its landscape to an interesting display of insects at the Insectarium – that houses a number of creatures such as spiders, bugs etc.

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