Visitors to the capital city of Seychelles will not miss one of its most enduring and oldest landmarks the Victoria Clock tower which was constructed in memory of Britain’s Queen Victoria by the British administration at the time and was funded partly by public contributions. A copy of the clock tower at the junction of Victoria Street and Vauxhall Bridge Road near Victoria Station in England, the clock tower affectionately known as Lorloz in Creole has stood in the centre of the Seychelles capital Victoria as a symbol of its colonial past and as a much loved piece of architecture and very much a part of the city. However the clock which was meant to chime to mark the passing of the hours failed in its duty until in 1999 it underwent a major renovation and had its internal mechanism modernized by the original clock maker and the chiming function was restored. The clock tower was declared a national monument in 1989. 

The four faced 25 foot five ton cast iron clock made in England arrived in the Seychelles in several packing cases and after some delays and accidents was finally put together and unveiled before a small but appreciative crowd of officials and well wishers. At first the clock was painted black and had four lamps as illumination. Thereafter it was painted silver. 
During the early days as the most prominent landmark in the city the clock tower dominated the cityscape of wooden buildings and Victorian houses, was used as a point of reference to measure distances from the city centre, gave the time of day, appeared on the country’s postcards and stamps and featured in the photographs of many visitors to the city of Victoria. Tumultuous changes have taken place in Victoria City since the unveiling of the clock tower and the city looks nothing like it did in the early 20th century when the clock tower first made its debut. 
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