The colours that surround you will create an imprint on your mind. The yellows, reds and greens are straight out of the happiest film you have watched. Moreover, the rides are thoroughly exciting. The Berjaya Times Square Theme Park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia balances excitement with relaxation. Regardless of your age, there will be a ride to thrill you. Ascott Sentral Kuala Lumpur is also appealing especially because of its strategic location. This Service Residence in KL is constructed in close proximity to the Sentral, the second CBD of Malaysia’s capital. To add to the benefits of choosing these fully equipped residences is that you are even closer to the park. Rain or sun the rides at the park operate without any obstruction, full of fun and delightful surprises.

Situated on the 5th and 7th levels of the Berjaya Times Square, this action-packed park has a magical air. Acknowledged as the largest indoor theme park in Malaysia, the park is divided into two main sections the Galaxy Station and the Magical Fantasy Garden.

Creating spine-tingling moments the six rides at the Galaxy Station are meant for the fearless. They twist and turn in the most complicated ways. Each ride is more daunting than the one that came before it. Enjoy the thrills of all the rides at the Galaxy Station and find yourself in a whirl wind of fun.

At the magical fantasy garden, the form of entertainment is completely different. The eight rides made available in this section are less daunting. If you are bringing your kids along, this is the section you will enjoy. It will keep you and your children equally satisfied. Family- time is best spent in the Magical Fantasy Garden.

As is evident, the Berjaya Times Square Park casts a spell on all who enter!

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