Embarking on a family adventure to Weligama? Unlock the charm of this coastal gem with this travel guide catered for parents exploring Weligama with kids. From sandy shores to cultural experiences, make the most of your family-friendly journey in this Sri Lankan paradise.

Surf’s Up

Weligama is renowned for its gentle waves, making it an ideal spot for family surfing lessons. Engage in a bonding experience as your kids learn to ride the waves in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, creating lasting memories of the perfect family surf session.

Stilt Fishermen Spectacle

Witness the iconic stilt fishermen, a cultural highlight of Weligama. Take your kids to observe this age-old fishing technique where fishermen perch on stilts above the waves. It’s a unique and picturesque sight that adds a touch of tradition to your family holiday.

Seafood Delights

Indulge in a family feast at a Weligama resort the likes of Ayurvie Weligama. With their beachfront setting, resorts in this area offer a diverse array of seafood delicacies. Savour the catch of the day while enjoying the sea breeze, providing a delightful dining experience for the whole family.

Explore Taprobane Island

Taprobane Island
Taprobane Island – Image via Flickr

Take a short boat ride to Taprobane Island, just off the coast of Weligama. The private island features a historic mansion surrounded by lush gardens, offering a tranquil escape for families. Explore the island’s beauty and enjoy a serene day amidst nature with your kids.