Gardens played an important role in the dynasties of China and today not only offer scenic spots to enjoy some rest and relaxation, but also provide an insight into the country’s rich heritage and history. One such site is the historic Old Summer Palace in Beijing. This popular attraction can be found around 8 kms from the Imperial City and those in search of luxury hotels in Beijing from which to make excursions to such sites can stay at Regent Beijing. One of the best 5 star hotels Beijing has to offer, this well placed property is suited for both business and leisure.

Dating back to the early part of the 18th century during the Qing Dynasty, the Old Summer Palace was known as the Imperial Gardens and was home to picturesque gardens and palaces. While only the remnants of many of the structures remain, it nevertheless gives you an idea of the grandeur of the site during days of old. As you explore this attraction you will come across beautifully landscaped areas with ponds, exotic flowers, rivers and hills, offering the perfect setting in which to unwind.