Anantara Golden Triangle Thailand is considered as one of the best Chiang Rai Hotels located in Thailand’s flourishing forests. Offering its guests a comfortable vacation filled with excitement and adventure, this hotel tops Hotel Chiang Rai.

With the thick forests spreading through acres and acres of land at a stretch and mountains which almost touch the floating white clouds Chiang Rai is truly a nature lover’s paradise. The number of rivers flowing through these forests is a major reason for the rich variety of vegetation that can be seen. The water the cascading down the mountains makes beautiful breathtaking sites.

The Pu Kaeng waterfall is the largest water fall in Chiang Rai. Located in Doi Luang National Park, this waterfall has a strong current throughout the year. Khun Korn Waterfall known as Tak Mork Waterfall in the earlier days is located in place where nature is at its best as it is in the middle of the Khun Korn Forest Park surrounded by mountains. Visitors are allowed to take a swim in the fall and enjoy the relaxation and peacefulness. The Butterfly Fall and Hoay Lao Ai Fall are also located inside this nature park.

14 kilometers away from Chiang Rai the Pong Phra Bat Waterfall is situated. Visitors should use a route through a forest to get there. With the sound of the birds and peacefulness of the forest your journey to the fall won’t be tiering. To add more value to your journey there are some hot water springs where the visitors are given the opportunity to soak in. These beautiful locations are sure to captivate any body’s mind and make them forget all the busyness they have in life.