When one pictures Dubai they almost always see something unimaginable standing tall and stepping into this magical city in the Middle East you will only bring to life your wildest imaginations. Everything about the place is designed to awe, from its structures in both land and sea and its entertainment, the city is the biggest crowd puller in all of the Middle East. The city also proudly boasts being the first of so many attractions; one of everyone’s favourites happens to be the Dubai Dolphinarium.

Dolphins are some of the most fascinating of marine mammlas. With their long pointy nose, beady eyes and very friendly nature it is almost impossible to not fall in love with them. In the Dubai Dolphinarium, a set of these amazing creatures are given a home, loved and looked after propagating the conservation of the entire species in general. The Dolphinarium is the 1st indoor house for dolphins in the whole of the Middle East. In addition to providing a habitat for both seals and dolphins, the Dolphinarium gives one the opportunity to bond with and interact with these species. Most of the dolphins and seals found here go the extra mile in being friendly and a day out with them will surely fill you with the fondest of memories. The many live shows featured at this attraction gives one plenty of opportunity to bond with these sea creatures and enjoy ample photo shoots with them. On occasions you can even enjoy the rare opportunity of swimming with the dolphins. The Dolphinarium in this area is found at the Creekside Park at Bur Dubai in close proximity to the children’s city. Its location also happens to be an added advantage in attracting the little ones.

The destination is a paradise for entertainment. It is a perfect destination for a family holiday because children in particular have so much to do here. After a busy day exploring the city there are many 5 star hotels Dubai has that you can come home to. A popular Dubai luxury hotel is the famous Grand Millennium Dubai which is known for its unmatched charm.

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