Wuxi is a city located near Shanghai in Eastern China. It is a populous city that hosts a myriad of attractions and places of interests. Read on to know about 4 of these places you should visit during your stay in this city.

Tortoise Head Garden

Located on the peninsula that stretches up to the northern banks of the Taihu Lake, This is certainly one of the must-visit destinations in Wuxi. This is by far the most beautiful areas in the lake and features cherry blossom trees Buddha statues and much more.

Lingshan Grand Buddha

This is one of the largest Buddha statues in China, and also in the world! The bronze statue towers at a height of 88 meters and weighs over a whopping 700 tones. The magnificent statue is a spectacle to watch and visiting here will certainly be a worthwhile experience.

File:Lingshan Grand budda.jpg
SynyanLingshan Grand buddaCC BY 3.0

Lingshan Buddha Palace

Located not very far from the great Buddha statue, the Buddhist palace is situated right on the foot of Lingshan Mountain. The palace boasts a stunning architectural design which is a combination of Chinese and Tibetan architecture. A visit to this expansive and elaborate temple must be added to your travel itinerary when you are in Wuxi.

File:Lingshan Brahma Palace.jpg
SynyanLingshan Brahma PalaceCC BY 3.0

Huishan Ancient Town

As you already know by the name, this is an ancient town located at the foot of the Huishan Mountain.  The town is one of the well preserved ancient settlements in China which still houses some of the oldest building in China preserving its ancient architectural design. Located at a close proximity to the downtown and accommodations that are a good alternative to hotel in Wuxi China the likes of Ascott Central Wuxi this is a must visit place during your stay at Wuxi.

File:Wuxi Huishan Ancient Town.JPG
記小三Wuxi Huishan Ancient TownCC BY-SA 4.0

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