Wuxi is a haven to many mesmerising gardens and parks that are built by significant people in the past. Out of these gardens the Plum blossom Garden, Xihui Park and Jichang Garden is recommended for you to visit. It will for sure make you understand how this city is splendidly endowed by nature.

Wuxi is known among locals as the “Land of Fish and Rice”. The reason behind it is that Wuxi in the past has been a port city with a bustling rice market in China. Even today Wuxi is one of the cities of China where the economy flourishes.

When you travel to Wuxi, do not forget to visit the Grand Buddha at Lingshan. This is an enormous statue of Lord Buddha which towers at 80 meters. This is in fact known as one of the largest Buddha statues of China. The Lingshan area itself is a tourist attraction packed with many other amazing things such as a palace and music fountains.

The Lake Tai plays a great part in the local tourism scene. This area also known as the “Turtle’s Head” is the most scenic spot in the city. It is the third largest fresh water lake in the country. So make sure to head over to this stunning beauty while you stay in the city.

Besides its scenic beauty, the area is a great place for shopping. From shopping malls to small boutiques, you will find everything you need on your travels here. Chong’an Temple Street mall is highly recommended if you are a shopaholic and not to mention the bustling nightlife that is a popular treat here. Kicking off from the evening till the wee hours, you will certainly enjoy a top notch vacation in this bustling little locale.

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