Manila is a lively hot pot of culture and history simmering merrily in the Southeast Asian landscape. For visitors to this “pearl of the orient,” a fine range of serviced apartments Manila offers await the discerning traveller looking for something different. The Somerset Millennium Makati features premium Manila serviced residences with stylish interiors and modern amenities to provide just the right touches for any visit, be it business or leisure. When you’re in town, check out the Yuchengco Museum, a wellspring of Manila arts culture, thanks to wealthy benefactor Alfonso Yuchengco. The museum was created by Mr. Yuchengko to house his extensive arts collection and to also be a venue to showcase local and international art. The museum features some of the best examples of Filipino and Filipino-Chinese creativity, a reflection of Mr. Yuchengko’s cultural heritage. Yuchengko Museum is divided into three primary factions: “Sino-Filipino Expressions”, which focuses on the visual arts; “Bridging Cultures”, which showcases the Philippines’ rich and diverse range of artistic impressions, and “Design as Art Art as Design”, which highlights contemporary design. The museum is definitely a must-visit feature when one is next in Manila.  


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