The Yunmengshan National Forest Park is found in the suburbs of Beijing and is aptly named due to “Yun” directly translating to “cloudy” and “meng” meaning “misty” or “dream”. The park consists of 2208 acres of land with Mount Yunmeng being the main peak and reaching 1414 meters in height. The mountain is known to locals as “Little Yellow Mountain” and is abundant in flora and fauna, all year round.

Trekkers within the park will find rolling hills and majestic climbs with spectacular views of mountains enveloped in mist. Nature enthusiast make it a practice to be present at the park in early mornings to catch a glimpse of the sunrise which peeks through the night’s mist and mountains, bringing forth an explosion of life into the park.

A greater part of the park hosts exceptional forestry and flora. Its white beaches and grand larch trees grow in higher ground amidst beautiful wildflowers, the birches striking white in a landscape of green. The Chinese being story tellers of the romantic often relate the graceful pine trees dotting the backdrop as sleepy dragons guarding treasures or as lovers embracing one another.

The park also features jagged yet beautiful stone peaks accompanied by clear and still waters where antelopes and deer frequent. Among 60 pools would be over 30 pristine waterfalls with the largest running a height of 80 meters. Again, the stones are said to resemble animals- and visitors will be amazed to learn of stories from the stones, said to resemble figures from Chinese folklore.

During the months of April and May, the hills come alive with the blooming of colourful azaleas and are a treat for entomologists as well as the avid, amateur insect and butterfly enthusiasts. Each year, the management of the Yunmengshan National Forest Park conducts special events such as a photography festival, a festival month in appreciation of mountain flora as well as fruit picking treks which are popular among foreigners and locals alike.

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