Krabi’s charm not only lies in the hundred-plus offshore islands but also in the limestone cliffs, mangrove forests and breathtaking coral vistas. Ideal for a family getaway, Krabi invites parents and children for some fun in the sun.

Visit the Krabi Fun Park

Guests at resorts in Krabi can visit the Krabi Fun Park for an adrenaline-rushing adventure in the rainforest. Most activities in the park are available for children with a height of 120 centimetres or more and therefore can be an ideal family bonding recreation. Krabi Fun Park is at the top of its creativity game with unique activities like ziplining, bicycle rides in the air and Harry Potter-inspired broomstick rides

Exploring Caves

Searching for a family spot that is not swarming with tourists? The Ao Luk Mangrove Caves are a sight to see with long narrow limestone tunnels, a 3000-year-old burial site, and a rock formation that takes the shape of a dragon’s head. This family cave visit includes Tham Lod Neua, Tham Phi Hua To and Tham Lod Tai.

Nattwd, A cave at Krabi, CC BY-SA 4.0

Island Hopping with Family

Set off on an island-hopping expedition during your stay at Avani+ Koh Lanta Krabi Resort. The Krabi coast is brimming with a series of islands that can be visited in one boat ride. Families can arrange an official tour or simply hire a tail boat to visit islands of your choice as many islands like Koh Hong, Koh Poda and Koh Kai are located close to each other.

Forest Park Expeditions

A sanctuary that houses nature’s wonders, the Thung Teao Forest Park is ideal for family visits. Visitors can explore 2.7 kilometres of natural trails that include the Emerald Pond and Blue Pool while savouring some authentic Thai food from the restaurants at the entrance of the park for an all-inclusive visit worth the time.