Perhaps its most illustrious centre, Ace Karts in Melbourne, Australia is one of the best karting centres to experience the exhilaration and elation of speeding fast along the circuit. Keeping in line with the safety guidelines, especially when it involves youngsters, Ace Karts manages to capture the essence of “Real Life Racing” that leaves its guests wanting for more.

A feeling that cannot be articulated eloquently, go-karting is indeed an activity that lures that hearts of adventure buffs and racing fanatics. An oasis for such enthusiasts, it is a place that is powered by the electricity of pulsating energy and racing heartbeats.

A highly charged environment by nature, Ace Karts was built in 1994. A leading go-karting leisure centre, it has received accreditation from LeisureNet Australia for its safety measures. Having great respect to the safety of its customers, it has a rigid safety programme that it adheres to, constantly placing its guests on top.

Located nearby to the central business district of Melbourne, it represents a state-of-the-art go-karting centre with its challenging and gruelling 700 metre outdoor circuit. A wide circuit that enables countless overtaking opportunities, its ample space exudes excitement, especially when speed racing at every bend on the track. The bends are usually what create the major speed thrills in go-karting. The tracks are usually floodlit, where travelling through the straight 105 metre long course will enable the drivers to reach a maximum speak of 75 km per hour. A venue that goes beyond the call of achieving its reputation as a go-kart destination, there is nothing average about Ace Karts. From its personalized service to its high quality go-karting gear, Ace Karts gives its guests an experience of a lifetime.

Honing the abilities of the racers, the track in Ace Karts is the biggest in Victoria. Known for its tricky and difficult nature, the corners are an estimate of six metres wide. Challenging as it is, many locals and tourists are attracted to the centre, especially for its much loved hair raising bend, which occurs right after the straight 105 metre drive. Novices and beginners have ample opportunities to learn and improve on their go-karting skills as the track caters to the many people that enter the centre. Targeting all levels of drivers, there are many racing lines in the tracks that allows you to test your abilities. Most often, beginners take their time on the course, having more preference to perform many manoeuvres to overtake their partners, learning the key secrets of the sport to reach the finish line faster.

The ideal place to test your racing and driving skills, there are many karts that are used. Designed for the purpose of speeding in the tracks, it is most compatible with the nature of the circuit, custom made to suit the driver’s ability and age. As Ace Karts are constantly trying to find ways to improve the optimal performance of the fleet, the range of go-karts available are tweaked and tuned to handle the many turns and bends encountered. Giving you a feeling as if it’s your own playing field, it enables you to reach the highest level of performance depending on your individual needs. In addition, there are three different racing formats that one could indulge in; arrive and drive individual programs and team programs.

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