The Mekong River starts its flow from the Tibetan Plateau and continues down a long route to finally end up in Vietnam. It is Asia’s third longest river and is the main source for irrigation systems along the way. Here is what you should know if you decide to tour it.

When to visit
If you are planning to visit the cultivations close to the river, then the dry season between May to August is the ideal time. All the plants are in full bloom at this time. February is when the local families prepare for the Lunar New Year or Tet festival and the villages are quite colourful.

Life on the Mekong
Yes, the locals here actually do live on the river, which means their homes are on stilts over the river water. The houses are mostly made of wood. No one steps on land for days sometimes. Floating farms are maintained with fishnets left hanging in the water.

Nature on the Mekong
Including the endangered Irrawaddy Dolphin and Giant Catfish, the Mekong boasts about 1100 freshwater species. There are birds, algae and a few carnivorous plants as well.

The best way to explore
One of the best ways to explore the river would be to take a luxury Mekong River cruise. You can book yours with tour providers like Mekong Kingdoms. You are sure to love the experience.