Not every destination that you travel to will be able to provide you with a river expedition. But, in Vietnam, you can have the best river cruise experience of your life on the Mekong River.

The Mekong River
The Mekong is the 07th longest river in Asia and the 12th longest river in the world that flows through China, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The lower Mekong basin covers Cambodia and Vietnam, and they say this part is the most eventful.

Cruising on the river
Cruising on the river is the best way to explore the Mekong River. You can book a luxury Mekong River cruise offered by award-winning agents the likes of Mekong Kingdoms if you are interested in trying out this experience.

Explore a great cultural heritage
A Mekong River cruise will also grant you the opportunity to discover a rich heritage of over 2000 years. Over history, great civilizations have flourished around this river and still, there are pieces of evidence to prove this fact.

Get closer to nature
The lower Mekong basin is also home to vibrant species of fish and large water birds. There are many other wildlife species that you can spot during your cruise on the Mekong River.