Dubai is not all about marvellous urban landscapes. There are plenty of things to see and do outside the concrete jungle. Here are a few tried-and-tested tips for enjoying the non-urban attractions Dubai has to offer:

Partake in Many Outdoor Activities at Once with a Wadi Excursion 

If you want to try heart-pumping outdoor activities like hiking and diving, and enjoy wonderful scenery, add a wadi to your itinerary. A “wadi” is a river valley that dries up during certain seasons. Dubai has many of these with opportunities to try various types of activities. This all-in-one option would be great for the true outdoor and nature enthusiasts.

Enjoy High-Speed Thrills with Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is a unique experience you can enjoy at the dunes that surround Dubai’s cityscape. The activity involves driving a four-wheeler through red sands at the highest speed you can stomach. Excursions are safe and short, so this is the perfect activity for those who want to try something exciting without being away from the city for too long.

Upgrade Your Itinerary with a Beach Destination

Yes, you can go to the beach in Dubai. The country is home to beautifully designed stretches of artificial beach where you can relax or partake in almost any kind of watersport. You can also indulge in natural beauty and urban opulence thanks to the many luxury beach hotels in Dubai.

Image via NH Collection Dubai The Palm

Find a Conveniently Located Hotel

Pro-tip for planning any trip to Dubai with exciting excursions: find a hotel that facilitates the activities you like. Centrally located accommodation options, like the NH Collection Dubai The Palm, are ideal for planning sojourns in and around the city.