Sri Lanka’s wonders are not limited to golden beaches! The country has many amazing spots to explore that will suit any preference. If you are visiting Sri Lanka, here is a list of things absolutely worth trying at least once:

Explore an Ancient Rock Fortress 

Locals like to call Sigiriya, or the “Lion Rock,” the eighth wonder of the world. Once you venture here, it’s hard not to see why. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sigiriya is an ancient castle carved into a mammoth boulder that offers unforgettable panoramic views from the top.

Try a Novel Watersport at a Southern Beach

The southern coast of Sri Lanka is home to stretches of golden beaches with luxury accommodations, watersports, and restaurants. Enjoying the beaches is probably the most popular tourist activity in Sri Lanka, which you can make even more fun by trying watersports like kite surfing and jet skiing.

Enjoy a Wildlife Safari

Sri Lanka is home to wild elephant herds, along with the largest leopard species in the world. You can see them (somewhat) up close with a wildlife tour arranged at a national park.

Tour the Capital of the Old Kingdom

Kandy was the capital of Sri Lanka’s last kingdom that still has many stunning landmarks steeped in Old World charm. Attractions in Kandy include historical buildings, landscaped public parks, and even mesmerising festivals that history buffs and adventure lovers alike will love.

Visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth

Temple of the Sacred Tooth – Image via Flickr

This popular Buddhist temple is said to hold a tooth relic from the Buddha himself! Plus, there’s a lovely lake nearby for scenic walks. You can leisurely tour both from luxury hotels close to the town like the Earls Regency.