Visiting Hainan Island with the kids and looking for a place to spend a fun day out with the family? Then definitely make time for a visit to the Sea Zoo! Before heading off to this site look to find accommodation at a Sanya hotel or resort that is within easy reach of the city, while also offering a secluded sanctuary in which to enjoy the region’s natural beauty. Anantara Sanya Resort & Spa is one such Sanya resort which is ideally located amidst scenic backdrops of Dadonghai Bay.

The Sea Zoo is positioned only about 20 kms from Sanya City and makes for a great trip with the family. The range of animals, fish and bird life at the site provide plenty of fascinating entertainment especially when it comes to the animal shows here. Performing dolphins and sea lions are bound to have you and the kids full enthralled, while visiting the crocodile pond and the turtle pool is also worth doing. Not to be missed is heading to the area where one can see more than 1,000 sea birds which provides even more wildlife watching fun. With restaurants to be found onsite as well, the Sea Zoo in Hainan Island offer an enthralling day for young and old alike.


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