The vibrant metropolis of Hong Kong is always a delightful place to visit, offering sensational shopping opportunities, sightseeing attractions and a distinctive cosmopolitan ambience. Visitors desiring a pleasant Wan Chai hotel Hong Kong offers will be pleased by the Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong. This fine rest offers appealing accommodations and a selection of modern amenities.

One of Hong Kong’s prominent attractions is the unmistakable Avenue of Stars. Located in Kowloon this popular attraction was created to showcase the stars of the local film industry as well as its eventful history and the innumerable individuals working to support the industry from behind the stage. This avenue is a waterfront boulevard extending a distance of 440 m, and was inspired by the original Avenue of Stars in Hollywood in the United States. Laid out along the avenue the visitor will see a number of tablets, each of which honours a celebrity of the Hong Kong film industry. Some of the movie stars have also imprinted their hand prints on to their commemorative tablets. Some of these well-known actors are Jet Lee, Jackie Chan and Andy Lau.

A prominent attraction at the avenue is a huge statue of Bruce Lee, the well-known martial arts star. Bruce Lee commenced his cinematic career in Hong Kong before leaving for Hollywood where he would star in a number of iconic movie productions. At the entranceway to the boulevard visitors will see a bronze replica of the famous Oscar statue as well as a small performance stage. As you make your way down the avenue you will come across numerous snack kiosks, souvenir shops, a number of movie-related statues and several benches where you can rest amidst the pleasant surroundings. You will also see numerous ‘Star Ambassadors’ roaming about on roller skates who will offer assistance should you require it. From this unique avenue you will also enjoy wonderful views of the renowned Victoria Harbour.

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