Once the ancient centre of China, Xi’an attracts thousands of people from every corner of the world to take in its sights and immerse themselves in its culture. Containing multitudes of activities, ranging from ancient sites of history to fabulous performance art, there’s something for everyone to do – including children and families as well.

Xi’an tower
Xi’an tower | Image by Harrison Qi on Unsplash

Experience the Terracotta sights and DIY Terracotta

The Terracotta Army is a well-known facet of Chinese history, which can be seen at the Terracotta Warriors museum. No two figures are exactly alike, and they’re shrouded in mystery while being marvels of sculpturing skill. Additionally, families can experience for themselves what it’s like to make their own Terracotta figures, as the nearby souvenir workshops allow one to make their own figures, an excellent activity to do together.

Take in the fountain show at the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

A relaxing spot for families to stroll about and wind down after a long day, this pagoda is known by many names – the Dayan Pagoda, the Great Wild Goose Pagoda, and others. With a history of 1300 years behind it, the structure is a great example of Buddhist culture in China. In the evening, families can take in the beautiful fountain show of music, lights, water, and lasers – a truly exhilarating sight. The pagoda itself is a short distance from the urban districts such as Yanta, host to properties such as Citadines Gaoxin Xi An.

Munch down on some authentic and varied cuisine

The unique tastes of Chinese food culture come alive in Xian, one of the terminal cities on the Silk Road. Such areas as the Muslim Quarter and Lianhu district offer a range of foods – ranging from flatbreads, noodles, soups, and dumplings to meat burgers and kebabs. Such variety is sure to engage kids and adults alike and is within reach of most accommodation in Xian.

Have fun at Qujiang Ocean World

A central location of Qujiang district, Qujiang Ocean World is a great place for your kids to learn about technology and ocean life. Consisting of an aquarium, ocean charm square and ocean business centre, the performance art of dolphins along with the underwater gardens will make for an unforgettable experience as your family takes in the world presented to them.

Cycle at the Xi’an City Wall

For those looking for more physical activities, look no further than the historic Xi’an City Wall – an awe-inspiring construction that encapsulates the potential of the Chinese people. On this 14-kilometre-long wall, you and your family can enjoy tandem biking, taking in the sights and beauty together. If that’s not an option, there are also electric cars available for one to still enjoy the route without physical strain.