Offering the widest range of art, design, music, theatre and film available in Bangkok, the Art and Cultural Centre is open to public from 10am to 9pm for free. Being located only a walking distance away from popular accommodation options like Somerset Park Suanplu Bangkok, it is a destination that is visited by all tourists. While the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre has a long way to in terms of reaching the standards of renowned art centres in London or New York, it is slowly but surely making its way up the ladder.

The structure of the Centre reminds one of the Guggenheim in New York, as it is a vast expanse of white walls and spiral stairways. Opened in 2008, the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre is a culmination of 13 years of work. Spreading across 4000 m2 of exhibition space that has shops, an art library and several cafes, the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre hopes to provide a place for locals and tourists to define and explore art and culture. There are different types of exhibitions put forward at the Centre, ranging from Asian photography to Young Thai Artist award exhibits to contemporary Japanese crafts and the Mekong River Art Project. There is an international feel and vibe to the place with explanations being provided in English, and having bilingual staff to aid the visitor in any way necessary.

As there are key places such as National Stadium BTS and many a serviced apartment in Bangkok in the vicinity, the Centre has gained a popularity among visitors to Bangkok as well as being a popular hangout for the students. Although the Centre is without a long and popular history, it does indeed provide an important insight into the cultural aspect of Thailand.

Roland Lefevre is a travel writer who specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe.