Manhattan New York is a well populated area, making it necessary for the inhabitants to have a peaceful getaway where they can relax and enjoy themselves. With this in mind an 843 acre area just outside the city of New York was bought in 1853 with the intention of creating a park. The area was filled with swamps and immigrants who had encroached and set themselves up there. A competition was held to pick the best design for the new park and a plan titled ‘the Greensward Plan’ by Frederic Law Olmsted won this competition.

This plan saw the clearance of the designated area. However it took 15 years for 20,000 workers to shape it into the final phase, which was named Central Park. A reservoir was built, ponds and lakes installed, roads and countless number of bridges – each different from the other were incorporated.

A popular spot to relax, in 1934, the emphasis shifted to recreation and a number of sporting facilities, play grounds and an ice rink were installed. 1960 – 1980 was rather a bleak period for New York as a whole and this was clearly seen in the very decline of the park. It was completely neglected and went into ruin. But a renovation venture in 1980 brought the park back to its original state and further added to its grandeur.

The present day park houses an open air performance stage, many playgrounds, a marionette theatre, the Central Park Zoo, ice rinks, a base ball field, tennis courts and much more. Though designed to look natural, the park down to most of its trees have all been transplanted and created. However the entire landscaped effect of the jogging trails, parks, flower gardens is rather picturesque and have been featured in many a movie. The famous horse drawn carriages and pedicabs too are popular.

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