The Bank Mandiri Museum was established by the Bank Mandiri in 1998. It is situated in the former headquarters of the Netherlands trading society, and the structure claims the title of a heritage building in the old town district of Jakarta, which is known as Old Batavia and Old Jakarta, amongst other monikers. This is the area that housed the Dutch population when Indonesian was under Dutch colonization.

Construction on the bank commenced in 1929, and it was officially opened in 1933. The building of this amazing museum is as impressive as the fabulous exhibits found within. The museum’s beautifully preserved architecture alone makes it one of the most iconic structures that chronicle the unique history of the city that surrounds it. It evokes the architecture prevalent at the time, which was the suave art deco style. The museum features an extensive collection of items that are related to colonial banking activities. Numismatics (coin collections), security documents, cash counters and safes dating back to the colonial era are few of the items that are showcased in this stunning colonial reserve. The exhibits are assembled to perfectly recreate the atmosphere of a colonial financial institution.

Once you enter, you will be taken on a journey into the past to witness the chronological economic history spanning from the beginning of the colonial era to modern Indonesia. It also provides a sound education on Indonesia’s early monetary system. The treasure room or the “safety room” of the bank is also replicated in the basement and it is termed “Brandkast”. The entrance to this room is through a thick door made out of steel. Visitors should be advised that the Bank Museum is opened on Tuesday-Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and it is closed on public holidays and Mondays.

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