Oman’s pleasant shorelines, rugged landscape and the tremendous region of deserts are a heaven offering a lot of enterprises. Here are some tips to plan an amazing family camping trip in Oman.


Family camping| Img by: Virginia State Parks staff via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY 2.0

Where to go

Oman is truly an adventurous playground! The first order of business for visitors who wish to go camping with your family in Oman is selecting a campsite. You should also consider the amenities and facilities available on-site, whether it’s sanitary facilities or barbeque areas and the like. If you are based at a Muscat hotel the likes of Al Falaj Hotel, you can experience a ‘Luxury Desert Camp’ experience in Oman.

Available activities

Each campsite in Oman will have a list of on-site activities and recreational facilities. In addition to on-site activities, there are always sightseeing and explorative excursions such as hiking adventures and nature trails that are also part of the camp’s attributes. Mountain biking, horse riding, and bird watching are just some of the more popular activities available in Oman campsites.


It is important to factor in how many days or how much time it will take to experience the hiking trails, fishing opportunities and other activities available at the campsite of your choice as there is little use of engaging in a camping trip without exploring one’s environment.

What to bring

In addition to a quality tent with a windbreaker, campers will also need to secure a variety of other camping gear for their stay in the Oman wilderness. Compact and lightweight cooking utensils, a medical kit for emergencies and layered clothing items should also be neatly packed.




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