Langkawi is an island destination located in Malaysia, immensely popular among travellers. Beaches, tropical food, fun activities, and friendly locals are all there to impress you when you visit Langkawi.

Enjoy the best of Langkawi hospitality

For this, you need to choose the best resort in Langkawi. There are many options for you such as Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa with world-class restaurants, spas, and even recreational facilities.

Explore the Sky Bridge

The bridge is located 660 m above sea level, and to reach here you need to take a cable car ride that’s simply astonishing. Up there on the bridge, you can enjoy panoramic views of the jungle and even the ocean.

Rest at Pantai Cenang

Pantai Cenang is a calm beach located to the west of the island. You get the chance to have fun on the beach, and if you feel hungry or thirsty, there are enough and more bars to serve you well.

Explore the night markets

In Langkawi, you find a different night market on each day of the week. Isn’t that amazing? On Mondays, you have Ulu Melaka Market, Tuesdays- Kedawang Market, and the list goes on likewise. You can buy Malaysian food, arts and crafts, and even textiles here, and if you are good at bargaining, you have the chance to be lucky here.