Christmas, a festive season that is embraced by not only Christians but everyone! The joy is very infectious. If you are in Sri Lanka for the Christmas break, join in the festivities!


Colombo Christmas Street Market

The street market trend has been quite the hit with everyone, allowing people to socialise and explore the street that is lined with many local vendors selling everything from food, lifestyle products, hand-made artefacts and cards, clothing, books and much more. The atmosphere is lively, with festive lights and music making it a very laid-back way to spend the day and night.

Midnight Mass

Most Christians head to the church on Christmas Eve for the midnight mass. There are plenty of churches that will conduct an English service. Ask a local and they will help you.

Check out the most notable Christmas décor

Most of the best hotels in Sri Lanka, go all out with Christmas decorations competing with each other. You will come across some very creative themes to the usual ones and some even have a full-sized completely edible gingerbread house!

Sit down dinner

After all, the season is all about spreading joy and unity. Choose a place like Colombo Court Hotel & Spa that has a rooftop dining area with a lovely ambience and live music on some days. Enjoy a dining experience that will leave your hearts and stomachs full.


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