Situated close to Hobart and only a few miles from Launceston, the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is a tempting day trip to most wildlife enthusiasts. Serving a worthy cause of helping endangered and helpless animals, with the help of compassionate volunteers the centre is appreciated by many.

A wildlife sanctuary named to mean the ‘native companion’, the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is known to be Tasmania’s most popular wildlife sanctuary. Operating for a heart-warming cause of caring for injured and orphaned wildlife, it receives several thousands of visitors every year to see the animals in their natural habitat.

The sanctuary is by no means a zoo. When you step inside the massive wooden gates at the entrance you actually play your role in preserving these precious animals and lending a helping hand. The majority of funds that support the sanctuary come from its generous guests. The passion that drives the centre is preserving and helping the native wildlife. The Bonorong Volunteer Programme is the central source that facilitates this service.

Some of the animals you will see here are the Tasmanian Devil, the Tasmanian Pademelon and the Eastern Quoll. It not only takes care of these native animals but also acts as a breeding place for them. The centre identifies threats to these animals and educates society on how they can help out. With recent studies into devil facial tumour disease that affects the Tasmanian devil, the centre is keen on ensuring that this animal does not have to face the same fate as the Tasmanian tiger who is now extinct.

It offers day and night tours to its visitors. The in depth guided tours offered here are valued by most nature lovers who visit the park. These compassionate enthusiasts flock in numbers to watch how the wallabies are fed and nursed or get up close up with a sleepy koala. You will be amazed at the care this centre takes of the Australian wildlife and walk out of the sanctuary deeply convinced to contribute a little more of your time to these helpless creatures.

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