Negombo is a most interesting locale, and if you ever find yourself on the tropical island paradise of Sri Lanka, it is definitely a place worth checking out. This major city, has developed in a fascinating way that differentiates itself from the glitzy metropolitan nature of the city of Colombo, the commercial epicentre of Sri Lanka. The influence of the Dutch can easily be glimpsed in the architectural qualities of the city, while you may also find many beach resorts in Sri Lanka located here such as Amagi Hotels & Resorts, due to the close proximity to the airport. This gives the city both modern and classic qualities.

One of the most notable attractions Negombo has to offer, is the iconic Angurukaramulla Temple. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the temple, is the entrance which requires you to pass through the mouth of a hideous looking beast. It is unclear what sort of creature the mouth belongs to, but many refer to it as a dragon. It is believed that the dragon in question is supposed to chase away evil spirits. The temple is more than three hundred years old and contains some very interesting sights, such as the ruins of an ancient library. The walls of the temple are adorned with beautiful murals. These murals are a visual representation of the Jataka tales, an ancient collective of stories from India describing the Buddha’s many incarnations spanning a multitude of lifetimes on his journey towards enlightenment. Some of the murals also depict notable figures from the great chronicle of the island known as Mahavamsa.
The temple also contains a massive statue of the Buddha, which measures around six metres in height. There are many open spaces within the temple, making it an ideal place for meditation. The centre of temple grounds feature a pond with turtles swimming within. Be sure to visit this intriguing place should you find yourself in Negombo.

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