The Butterfly Garden & Insect World at Phuket is considered one of the best in the world. Originally opened in February 1990 by Dr Prasit Koysiripong as the Phuket Butterfly Garden and Aquarium, the centre has come a long way. It was not only intended to be a place where the public can come and marvel over the colours and varieties of these winged creatures, but also a place to study and research butterflies and other insects. The studies help understand the roles of butterflies in the ecosystem, their lifestyles and habitats. The centre also strives to make all this information available to the public. All the butterflies here have been bred at the centre, and they include a large variety of rare butterflies. Plenty of butterflies are released into the wild after they have been raised.

The Butterfly Garden occupies an area of nearly two thousand square metres and houses over six thousand butterflies from forty different species. Visitors can walk through the garden and enjoy the sweet scented flowers and the colourful insects that hover around them. It is a quiet place of serenity and tranquillity. Visitors will also be able to witness various stages of the butterfly life cycle, moving from the laying of eggs, to the spinning of cocoons and even new butterflies emerging from their cocoons.

The Insect World is actually a relatively recent addition to the gallery, and one must pass through it to reach the butterfly garden. The insect exhibition is part of a joint endeavour with the Kasetsart University. The exhibit contains a variety of insects including beetles, ants and termites as well as scorpions, spiders and millipedes which are actually arachnids. After touring the complex, one can head over to the Butterfly Shop to purchase souvenirs and butterfly related objects, including butterfly themed Thai handicrafts. The Butterfly Garden is located in Phuket Town, in the Samkong district. It is open daily.

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