An acclaimed national advanced hi-tech development zone, Chengdu Hi-Tech South Park ranks among China’s largest technological zones. Dedicated to foreign investment and research, it consists of the West Park and South Park. Featuring over 130 Fortune 500 companies it was established in 1988. The zone is focused on creating a modern industrial park of science and technology with technological and scientific innovation playing the key roles. 
Giving priority to three prominent industries; precision machinery, biomedicine and electronic information, it is the West Park which seeks to create a comprehensive industrial park that focuses on industrial clustering. It features a high degree of beautiful living environments, quick information transmission and industrial clustering.
Reputed as the best option for those looking to set up their outsourcing process in China, the zone is home to a multitude of companies. It is mainly comprised of six precincts. Companies including Huawei, SAP, Sony, Alcatel, SCS, Motorola, Siemens, Nokia and IBM can be found at the park. Making great contributions to the development of the software industry, various discoveries of modern technology have been made here. 
A wide range of facilities are available in the park for the use of companies based here. These facilities come under the categories such as standardization of software, engineering management, information, verification, prototype testing, demonstrations, testing and research and development.
An excellent momentum clustering development is maintained by all three leading industries at the zone. Their distinctive characteristics are evolving on a daily basis, resulting in the software and integrated circuits industry taking up leading positions in the country.
The zone also boasts the development and research platform of the video game console, Microsoft X-Box, which is undoubtedly a highlight among its many modern facilities and services. The largest e-sport association known as the GLL platform is also found here. 
Biopharmaceutical Park, Photoelectron Display, Bonded Logistics Centre, Chengdu Molding Park and the Export Processing Zone are among the other divisions within the premises of this zone.
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