The sands of Bali are well known the world over for their warmth, softness, purity and ability to soothe the most tired of souls in an instant. While the hills, valleys and greenery have had to take second place to the breathtaking coastline, every nature loving visitor would not want to miss the rice terraces and the glorious views they have on offer. One such example is the stunning Jatiluwih Rice Terrace.
When translated ‘jati’ means truly or really, while ‘luwih’ means beautiful and that is what the area known as ‘Desa Jatiluwih’ means literally. Similar to every other part of the tourist hotspot, Bali, the administrative district of Jatiluwih is eye catching. It is an area where the main industry of the locals is agriculture; hence they treasure the green grass, nurture their plants and grow crops for a living. On every slope of the mountainous range, paddy is cultivated in an irregular but artistic landscape design.
The drive through the hilly area should ideally be with the shutters of the vehicle kept open, so that the fresh air sweeps in and brings with it the soft fragrance of the tiny flowering plants that grow by the roadside and the aura of the newly cut paddy itself. Amidst the endless evergreen one finds yellowish and brownish stems swinging in the wind. This is a sign that the time for harvesting is around the corner. 

Closer to the summit there is a hall with basic amenities where local cultivators sell their produce and indigenous snacks. Upon the peak of Gunung is a temple to which offerings are made after reaping the harvest. The trek around the hilly terrain will take you through a fruit market, botanical gardens, past a gurgling waterfall and a few more lovely temples.

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