Providing an ideal adventure Down Under, Brisbane is a traveller favourite for those holidaying in Australia. While it is easy to get about the city, it is made even more accessible via the CityCat & Ferry Services which offer a wonderful means in which to see the sights. If you are looking for a Brisbane hotel apartment within easy reach of this service consider staying at iStay River City which is only 5 minutes away from the Brisbane River CityCat.

The 19 CityCats together with the CityFerries let you enjoy an over water or over land travel experience that takes you to sites where one can explore and soak up the city’s charm, culture and cuisine. The CityCats operate throughout the week and the regular service mostly runs every 15 minutes meaning you can get about with ease. The ferry service runs every half an hour all days of the week as well, with operating hours beginning at 6am and ending at midnight, perfect for some late night sightseeing! The beauty of this system is that you can hop on and hop off at any stop along the route making it an ideal way to discover the sights and sounds of Brisbane. There are 24 terminals throughout the city ranging from The University of Queensland right up to Northshore Hamilton. With the Brisbane River in the backdrop it is a not to be missed chance to see the city for free.

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